2023 Club Competitions

Fourteen club members entered the doubles competition.   Pairs were drawn out of a hat and on a round robin basis each game was played over 7 hoops.   The final was played between Amanda and Ray against Gwen and Roger.   Gwen and Roger won 7/6 on the golden hoop.

The Handicap Singles were next where ten players arrived to do battle in two leagues of five each, again on a round robin basis but playing a full game of 12 hoops.   Graham beat Gwen in the final, again on the golden hoop by 7/6.

The Level Play Singles consisted of 13 players being drawn in three leagues, again on a round robin basis playing a full game.   The winners of each league plus the highest placed person from the three leagues played in the semi finals.   Anne beat Caroline P. by 7/6 and Caroline L. beat Mike W. by 7/5.   The final was an absorbing match which Caroline L. won beating Anne on the golden hoop.

The Ladies Level Play was another close affair, again two leagues of four on a round robin basis, with Gwen beating Caroline P. in the final, again on the golden hoop.   Four competitions all decided on the golden hoop only goes to show the improvement in play amongst members.

The Gents Level Play was won by Nigel, with runner up David F.   Both players played well and it was great croquet to watch.   In the end Nigel ran out the winner at 7 /4.

 The Novices Cup was awarded to Anne with David F as runner up.   Well done to Anne and David F.

The Club Ladder Competition ran throughout the year, and proved to be a great success, with Mike W finishing the year on top.   Congratulations to Mike.   The Ladder will be in place again next year with some organisational changes.