Intro To Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet is most suitable for those new to Croquet and is a good introduction to the game. The basic aim is to hit your ball through a hoop. There are four balls which are played, and these are coloured and played in order; blue, red, black and yellow. If you are playing singles, then you play two balls each ( blue and black or red and yellow); if you are playing doubles you play one ball each with blue and black being partners and red and yellow being partners.

The balls are played in order and aimed toward the first hoop. The first ball to clear the first hoop wins that hoop and then all the balls are played from wherever they are currently positioned toward the second hoop. Most games are best of thirteen hoops but shorter games of best of seven hoops are often played. There are six hoops on the court and the game proceeds clockwise for the first six hoops and then anticlockwise for the second six hoops. Tactics obviously come into play, which include the options of hitting your opponent’s ball out of the way, blocking your opponent’s ball as well as hitting your partner’s ball into a more favourable position.

In addition to the videos included here, there are many videos on YouTube which give a flavour of the game and provide useful coaching.