2023 Club News

The 2023/24 Indoor Season

The Indoor Season at Tarka Tennis, Barnstaple  commenced on the 19 October 2023.   It has in previous years proved a successful weekly social event, as well as the opportunity to keep ones’ eye and hand in during the winter months.

2024 Summer Season Clean Up Day

The 2024 Summer Season will started with ” Clean Up Day ” on either Monday 18th March, or Monday 25th March 2024, when the lawns will be marked out and the clubhouse and grounds cleaned and made tidy for the new outdoor season. 

Opening Day of the 2023 Outdoor Season

Photographs of the rather dismal opening day of the outdoor season; but someone was looking on the bright side.

Club Ladder Competition 2023

We were all delighted that the weather improved and that we had got the lawns ready for the new season which kicked off with an invitation for all members to join this years ladder competition.   Open to all members irrespective of their experience it was an in house competition that allows for members to challenge one another to a match, and in winning move up the ladder.  The challenges and matches continued throughout the season culminating in a sought after prize cup being awarded to the person at the top of the ladder on the first Monday of October.

Congratulations to this years winner Mike W.


Chairman Ray's Welcome to the 2023 Season

The indoor winter sessions were very successful and well attended and enjoyed by players even though with the concrete flooring at the Tarka Leisure centre as a playing surface the type of play and tactics had to be very different to outdoor play.
The first outdoor session went well with 15 members playing. They quickly adjusted to playing outdoors again even though the grass was a little long. It was great to see everyone again at the start of the season and catch up with their news.
We are working on the fourth full size lawn to enable us to rotate the lawns in use and reduce wear and tear during the season.
Clean up day went well with lovely weather helping to speed up the work to get the lawns and clubhouse ready for the season.
The Challenge ladder will start with the draw for positions on the ladder on 17th April 2023. Sign up by the 17th April if you wish to take part.